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» PlayStation 3 to launch this November!
» PSP to get Eye Toy camera and video chat
» Micro Machines, massive appeal
» Sonic makes a dash for mobiles
» Getting Up, knocked back Down Under
» Britain guaranteed bright and cheerful summer
» DS'ing the Lite fantastic
» PSP wins 2K online poker hand
» Youz tawkin' 'bout Noo Yawk?
» 2005 - best year ever!
» External Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive confirmed at CES
» Xbox 360 to get HD-DVD support...
» Sky-scraping the barrel? Sega announce 'new' old game
» Toca on track for 80+ circuits
» Disappointment and queues as Xbox 360 gets UK launch
» PSP gets podcasts in new 2.60 upgrade
» Playing the numbers game
» Zero Hour strikes as Xbox 360 launches in US
» PSP Giga Packs now on sale at UK retailers
» It's snow joke...
» Doors thrown wide open to Xbox Marketplace
» Fifteen Xbox 360 launch day titles in Europe
» Halo gets 360 upgrades
» Xbox 360 goes on UK tour
» The beautiful, beautiful game is back!
» Got your free Xbox 360 Gamer Card yet?
» Gigantic PSP bundle for Christmas
» R-ding ding ding d-da-ding baam baba weeeeee!
» Xbox 360 hands-on at UK First Play event
» X05: London returns for PGR3
» X05: Microsoft reveal UK Xbox 360 launch lineup
» Football Manager 2006 scores October 21st kick off
» Origen welcomes the wise to Xbox 360 launch
» Revolutionary controller, or just odd?
» Toca 3 set to cause utter car-nage
» December 2nd for UK Xbox 360 launch
» PlayStation 2 hit by fire risk safety recall
» PSP launch smashes UK records
» Games Market Europe arrives in London
» Trainz on track for September arrival
» Codemasters get massively multiplayer with RF Online
» Xbox 360 to cost 209.99 for UK launch
» Game Boy Micro to launch on November 4th
» Oh Man(hattan), city life's so good!
» UK hit by PSP pre-order shortage
» Codemasters pair qualify for UK PSP launch
» It's always nice to put a face to a game
» Tapwave Zodiac dropped after just nine months
» Xbox 360 plans revealed at Japanese summit
» A new Xbox Live subscriber every 30 seconds
» EA let off steam with Valve grab
» River Raid and Pitfall for Atari's second Flashback
» Smashing new Shattered Union screens
» EA announce Rail Simulator
» Xbox Live Arcade free, for a fee
» Ready for a summertime soaking?
» Xbox consoles in further safety recall
» This summer is balls for Gizmondo
» PSP finds a Ghost in the Shell
» E3 2005: Lemmings leap at PlayStation Portable
» E3 2005: Buzz in when you know the answer
» E3 2005: Nintendo enter into a gaming Revolution
» E3 2005: Nintendo announce Game Boy Micro
» E3 2005: Square Enix bring Final Fantasy XI to Xbox 360
» E3 2005: Xbox 360 will be backwards compatible
» E3 2005: Sony PlayStation 3 due Spring 2006
» MTV UK shows a glimpse of Xbox 360 - but not much
» Xbox 360 Guide screenshots
» Xbox 360 peripherals - full specs
» Microsoft reveal Xbox 360 on Xbox360.com
» OurColony rewards gamers with Xbox 360 video!
» Xbox 360 details leaked by Danish magazine
» Bootiful! Sony's PSP gets Football Manager 2006
» Next Generation Xbox revealed by Elijah Woods on MTV
» Xbox gets pieces of Sid's Pirates
» Sony finally confirm the Silver slimline PS2
» September 1st for UK PSP
» Could this be the Xbox 360?
» Xbox 360 listed by Amazon.co.uk!
» August 1st for UK PSP as Dixons start pre-orders
» Gizmondo... why Adding means less
» May 12th for Next-Generation Xbox unveiling
» Publishers confirmed for next-generation Xbox
» Digital Jesters are sick!
» EA get Revenge for rush hour jams
» Sony confirm 24: The Game
» Sony face $90.7m fine and PlayStation 2 ban
» Turn yourself Giz-zy-mondo
» GamesPaper is four today!
» UK touched as Nintendo DS launches
» Next-Generation Xbox will be the HD-Era
» Go and Alfa look at Black Bean's new racer
» Europe taking part in Street Racing Syndicate
» Eidos online for March Champ Manager releases
» Next Xbox is Fantasy for Microsoft
» Xbox hit by UK stock shortage - new model to launch?
» Baten an eyelid at Nintendo's release schedule
» Sony in Pursuit of Euro PSP
» 14.1 million Xbox consoles in safety recall
» PSP to get UK launch on April 29th?

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Speed boost for British gamers

Internet service providers across the UK have been increasing connection speeds rapidly over the past few months, with new higher speed 8Mbps products from BT Total Broadband and other major ADSL providers.

The new faster speeds are already being offered in some parts of the country, where operator UK Online are providing a Home 22Mbps service over selected BT telephone lines in major urban areas.

Meanwhile gamers living in Telewest and NTL cabled areas can now receive up to 10Mbps download speeds on the top consumer package.

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