GamesPaper Affiliates
GamesPaper Affiliates

Affiliate your games site with GamesPaper! If your site covers computer or console games, has good content, and is updated often, then why not affiliate with GamesPaper?

What you will need to do:
You will be required to display a text link to GamesPaper and one of the following..

  » a 120x60 GamesPaper button, on constant display (hard coded into your pages) linking to GamesPaper.


  » a 468x60 GamesPaper banner, in general rotation with your other adverts that you display.

What we will do in return:
We will place a text link back to your site in our Affiliated Sites page, along with a screenshot of the site, and also promote your affiliation elsewhere on GamesPaper such as in a 120x60 button advert in random rotation.

Additionally, we will occasionally feature Top affiliates with their 120x60 button on constant display in our Affiliated Sites spot, and we are also able to consider a direct banner swap (for 468x60 sized banners) on request.

All sites must comply with the following guidelines:
» Must be computer/console games related
» Must be updated often, and have good quality content
» Site must not contain any illegal content or content which isn't suitable for a general audience (nothing obscene, adult, etc..)
» No warez/rom sites
» Site must not be hosted on a "free web host" and must have it's own domain name - if you don't have a domain name, then why not buy one at 123-reg.

To submit your site:
To submit your site for consideration, please send an email to, with the following details..

» Site name and URL, and your name and email address.
» Short desription of your website. (40 words maximum)
» Number of unique visitors and page views per month.
» Format(s) that your site covers.
» How often is your site updated (daily, weekly, monthly..)
» Who is your site aimed at? (age group, specific country, etc..)
» Choose to display either a 120x60 constantly, or a 468x60 in general rotation